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Products > Modular Video Wall Processor > KP-08MIX 8 Channels Modular Video Wall Processor

KP-08MIX 8 Channels Modular Video Wall Processor

The KP series Modular Video Wall Processor are a group of seamless switchers which can cross-switch and splicing multiple types of signals. High-performance hardware design ensures its support for various high definition digital and analog signals, bi-directional RS232 and IR control and signal management. They can splice one input graphic signal into multiple channels and disperse to different display units to form a complete large-scale frame.

●All digital switching: real seamless switching for all types of output cards.

●All types of output cards support video signal splicing and assembling; supports graphic windows scaling, overlapping, and roaming over the whole graphic frame. 

●The preview card supports video signal preview and switching function.

●Support DVI 1.0 protocol, and compatible with HDCP 1.3 and HDMI 1.3a standards.

●Support hot-swap, video and audio signal synchronized switching, and AUTO DELAY for audio signal.

●Support EDID read and PC Management Software. 

●Support built-in and local bi-directional RS232 and IR control signal with HDBaseT inputs and outputs; 

●Support control signals and video/audio synchronized and separate switching; Support POE function.

●Versatile management methods: IR Remote Control, RS485, RS232 and network Control, and serial port control at remote end via HDBaseT inputs and outputs. This brings great convenience for the users to integrate the signal management and control with various other equipments at the remote end. 

●Support firmware online upgrade.

●Intelligent control the operation of fan in matrix.

●SDI input can achieve looping out.

●Plug-in design for cards, the input and output signal type and signal channel amount can be allocated flexibly.