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Products > Distributed Matrix > K-DSIN-DVI4 Distributed Input Node

K-DSIN-DVI4 Distributed Input Node

K-DSIN-DVI4 is a input node for image collect and image transmit which optimized coding of the input video signal for MPEG-2/4 and H.264. Support TV wall function, image split, imange roaming, image stretching, etc.

·Massive access to IPC (IP Camera) video signals and decoding on the wall display directly.

·Support directly decode and display IP video signals in one monitor for 4 channels of 1080P/8, 9 channels of 720P, 16 channels of 480P(D1).

·Support directly input 4 channels for VGA/DVl/HDMI/3G-SDI/YCRCB in one monitor.

·Support directly input 16 channels for video analog signal(CVBS) in one monitor. Support simultaneously display 4 channels of VGA/DVI/HDMI/YCRCB/3G-SDI images in one monitor.

·Simultaneously display maximum 16 channels video signals(16 images split display).

·Support image roaming for any single input signal.

·Support image scaling, image superposition display for any single input signal.

·Support massive access to VGA/DVI/HDMI/YCRCB/VIDEO/3G-SDI.

·Support display for multi-segment network signal.

·Support rolling subtitles, high definition background, etc.

·CAT5e and above specifications transmit.