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Products > Distributed Matrix > K-DSOUT-DVI Distributed Output Node

K-DSOUT-DVI Distributed Output Node

K-DSOUT-DVI is a output node for image collect and image transmit which display for four channels 1080P, nine channels 720P/960P and sixteen channels 480P/D1 digital IPC signal.

·    One DVI-I output port, support DVI and VGA signal.

·    Two RJ45 input port for distributed system mainframe.

·    Support one channel DVI/VGA output signal for one output node. Support image split, imange roaming, image scaling, image superposition display, etc.

·    Resolution: DVI 800*600-1920*1080@60Hz

·    Maximum transmit distance is 150 meters for UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair).

·    1000.0Mbps bandwidth.