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Products >Conference System >HCS-6102D/04D Desktop Discussion & Voting Unit

HCS-6102D/04D Desktop Discussion & Voting Unit

The unit is simple to use with election and voting,press the request button slightly to speak.It has built-in speaker and headphone jack clear sound quality with volume control which adopt DPS processing.Chairman unit with highest priority to control in order of conference.

1.Microphone unit

●The unit has built-in headphone jack clear sound quality.

●Frequency response:20Hz-25KHz

●The rod can be bent for 330゜.

●Effective sound-receiving distance:0mm-650mm

●Long life switch without noise.

●Chairman unit could deny or approve the apply for speech from delegate unit.

●Power supply:system mainframe.

●Chairman unit contect position is unlimited in series circuit.

●"Hand in hand" series contect via HCS-6132/048.

2.Voting unit

●5 button voting funtion.Embedded design.

●Hot plug funtion.

●Anti-jamming:8000V static

●Three voting options:conference ballot,conference vote,conference evaluation.

●The voting unit are used combined with microphone unit(HCS-6102/04C1) to vote,evaluation and simultaneous interpretation.